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Paradise for taste buds

Blanche de Chelsea

White Belgium | 4.5%

Here’s a tribute to Pierre Celis, the Belgium inventor of the modern wheat beer, which he was able to resurrect. It’s a true thirst quencher with citrus and wheat tempting the taste buds.

La Fable

Pale Lager | 5%

And praise to cereal, silky smooth! Nice balance between sweetness and acidity. Ease to drink. It is true liquid bread.

Couleur Café

Oatmeal Porter | 5,5%

A symphony composed of 10 different malts: roasted coffee, dark chocolate, milk chocolate and light smoke resulting into a succulent harmony that resonates long after consuming.

Bonnie Parker

Pale ale | 5%

A redhead with a gentle heart that releases fragrances of toasted hazelnuts. Its hops are mainly expressed in taste while hazelnut keeps on floating in the background.

Côte Ouest

West Coast IPA | 7%

A fresh golden IPA signed with citrus and tropical fruits. The hop grows over the sips, asserting at the time a bitterness and a sweetness that are very easy to enjoy.

Orange Tie-Wrap

Hybrid Season/IPA |7,5%

The freshness of the orange and the bitterness of this combination will please your taste buds. Add to this the zest of the orange and the lime, this beer is a tasty and refreshing bloom.

Double IPA

Imperial IPA | 8%

The decisive bitterness of this beer is softened to taste by her floral note. The caramel will surprise you in all delicacy.

Vin d'orge

Vin d'orge | 9,3%

The balanced mixture of dried fruit, caramel and barley sugar reveals a strong note of alcohol softened by the bitterness of this beer.

Scotch Ale

Scotch Ale | 10,5%

This creamy and sweet beer is denoted by the lightness of the caramel and the acidity of the dried fruits. It is a beer rich in alcohol but also creamy.